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Enhanced HIPAA Testing Process Available

PDF Version available here. (PDF 78KB)

Starting November 11, 2003, NY State's Medicaid Fiscal Agent, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) will be accepting 837 test files using the Test/Production indicator. Enhanced testing can be done by performing the following steps:

  • Successful testing through EDIFECS should be completed prior to these submissions.
  • Testing should be done with smaller samples of transactions, and not production volumes.
  • Electronic test submissions should be sent through the HIPAA options on the Unix or tape/diskette/cartridge should be sent to the production address below with the accompanying colored HIPAA transmittal form. The colored Transmittal Forms can be obtained by calling CSC's EMC Control at (518) 447-9256.

    EMC Control - First Floor
    Computer Sciences Corporation
    800 North Pearl Street
    Albany, NY 12204

  • Utilize the ISA header on 837. ISA15 must contain 'T' (Test).
  • Output from testing will be a test report (for the first 25 claims submitted) and either an 835/820 tape remittance (if the submitter currently receives remittance on tape) or a facsimile of our current proprietary paper remittance (if the submitter currently receives paper remittance)

Turnaround for this process is expected to be approximately 7 to 10 days.

10/23/03 Message to All
NYS Medicaid Trading Partners

Please continue to submit claims to the Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) under proprietary format until further notice.

If you have submitted a HIPAA 837 D, 837 I, 837 P or a 276 transaction to MMIS and have received a reject code such as GS 99, please resubmit in proprietary format.

If you are unable to submit in an original proprietary format, please call Pat McGuinness at 518-257-4460.

If you currently use PACEs you should continue to use PACEs until further notice.

If you have enrolled for ePACES check this site for future notices about application availability.

Look for future notices in this spot.

05/27/03 Enhanced License Editing under eMedNY With implementation of Phase I of eMedNY, the Department enhanced and completed prescribing provider license editing. Specifically, edits 1237 (Prescriber License Not On NYS License File), and 1243 (Prescribing Provider Not In Active Status on Date of Service) were activated for claims filed on paper and via magnetic media (tape and diskette). These edits correspond to MEVS response codes 068 (Invalid Ordering Provider) and 318 (Prescribing Provider License Not In Active Status), which continue to be issued for claims submitted via electronic capture. Consult your Pharmacy Provider Manual and Medicaid Update articles featuring license editing for information regarding proper use and entry of prescribing provider license numbers..