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ePACES for Nursing Home

DATE: 9/21/2017

TIME: 1:30pm-3:30pm

LOCATION: Canandaigua
Safety Training Facility, Ontario County
2914 County Road 48
Canandaigua, NY 14424

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ePACES for Nursing Home

ePACES for Nursing Home (Residential Health Care) Providers. The purpose of this seminar//webinar is to present Nursing Home (Residential Health Care) providers specific billing instructions for ePACES (Electronic Provider Assisted Claim Entry System).

This seminar-webinar is targeted to providers who are currently enrolled and fully activated to submit claims through ePACES.

The topics covered during this seminar will include:

  • Review of claim completion; Institutional Submission; Batch submission
  • Explanation for Submitting Voids, Adjustments (Replacement), Claims over 90 Days
  • Review of MEVS Transactions (Eligibility), Claim Status, Support Files etc
  • Review of Secondary Billing (Co-Insurance//Deductibles, 0FILL situations, etc).
  • Review of Online Resources - Provider Manual, MEVS Manual, etc.
  • Questions and Answers

It is recommended that, prior to the course, providers print and review a copy of the ePACES Institutional Reference Guide.Providers may wish to bring the guide to the course to make notes during the session.

Continue to review the Training section of the eMedNY website for future types of seminar offerings.


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