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How to create your New eMedNY ID and
Log into the COVID-19 Provisional Temporary Provider Enrollment System

Click the "Sign Up" Link to Create Your eMedNY ID

Click "Sign Up" go to the sign up with a new account screen and proceed to and fill out the fields.

Note: After you have created an acount, you can return here and enter your Username and Password to log on anytime.

Fill In Your Information

Enter your desired "Username" - if one is already in use, the system will prompt you to try again.

Enter your full name - example: John Smith

The phone number must start with "+1" followed by the usual 10 digit phone number including area code. It must match the suggested format in the field.

A valid email address is required. You will be sent a code to verify your account.

Enter a password that follow the rules below.
  • Password must contain a lower case letter
  • Password must contain an upper case letter
  • Password must contain a special character
  • Password must contain a number
  • Password must contain at least 16 characters

Check Your eMail and Enter Verification Code

Validate your account with a Verification Code sent to the email address you use to sign up

Check your email, copy that code and paste it into the field.

Click "Confirm Account" and you will be automatically routed into the Provider Enrollment system.

Click Here to Begin

Have any questions? Check our COVID-19 FAQs

Having an issue? Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-343-9000.

033-10:29:55 AM