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MEVS and Supplemental Documentation

The following information is not part of your provider manual. However, it may be useful information, and is placed here for your convenience. (When changes are made to this document, the former version will be archived and can be retrieved by clicking on the archive link.)

MEVS Documentation

MEVS/DVS Provider Manual (PDF 758KB)
Version 4.35, September 2018

This manual replaces MEVS/DVS Provider Manual dated August 2018.

MEVS / DVS Provider Manual Archive

MEVS Quick Reference Guides

MEVS Telephone Quick Reference Guide (PDF 52KB)
Version 2017-1 June 2, 2017
MEVS Telephone Quick Reference Guide Archive

eMedNY POS Start Guide (Verifone Terminal)
(PDF 1.15MB)
Version 2013-1 January 1, 2013

MEVS VeriFone Vx570 Quick Reference Guide (PDF 75KB)
Version 2013-1 April 2, 2013

Choosing which MEVS method is right for you

MEVS Methods (PDF 83KB)
Version 2018-1 - September 17, 2018

Retired MEVS Manuals Archives

Supplemental Documentation

FTP Batch Procedure Instructions (PDF 149KB)

This document contains information pertaining to access methods, obtaining access, file preparation procedures, and links to file format specifications in eMedNY's Companion Guides.

FTP Batch Procedure Manual Archive