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Where will the eMedNY 834 Client Enrollment file be delivered?



Published: 11/07/2019


Updated: 04/07/2020





Existing eMedNY access methods will be used to deliver the 834 file. The Default ETIN will serve as the routing mechanism for the 834 transaction files. Plans should already have a default ETIN on record, along with a USER ID for that ETIN in order to receive the 834.

eMedNY access details and business rules are published in both of the following documents on www.emedny.org in Transaction Instructions under the eMedNY HIPAA Support Tab:

  • The eMedNY Trading Partner Information Standard Companion Guide in the Connectivity/Communications section
  • The Managed Care Enrollment (MCE) 834 Companion Guide in the Payer Specific Business Rules and Limitations section

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