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Web Services

eMedNY supports two distinct web services at this time:

  1. CORE Web Services is a Web Service that adheres to CAQH-CORE Requirements and utilizes Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) to send files over the public Internet. It can be used for sending 270 (Eligibility and Name Search) and 276 (Claim Status Inquiry) files in both batch and real-time. It can also be used to retrieve a provider's Medicaid 835 and 820 remittance advice.
  2. File Transfer Service (FTS) utilizes a user certificate to securely send batch files over the public internet. The submitted batch files are stored in the user’s mailbox, along with the subsequently processed response files. It can be used for billing, inquiries, and to retrieve a provider’s 835 or 820 Remittance Advice. The guide maintains a full list of supported file types.

For security, FTS utilize a User Certificate obtained through ePACES. The eMedNY X509 Certificate Request User Guide gives instructions for establishing an eMedNY SOAP user's Certificate Administrator for obtaining and administering (revoking and renewing) an eMedNY SOAP User Certificate. Each user is allowed only one User Certificate. The User Certificate will have a six month life span.

These User Certificates are required for Transport Level authentication of the clients of the File Transfer Service, and for Message Level signature verification of the user request and encryption of the response to the user. Information on the management of the user's private key and certificates required for deployment in the clients to these web services located in the Key and Certificate Management User Guide.

In addition there is also a second layer of authentication based on user credentials (username and password) obtained from eMedNY via the ePACES application.

Important Note: It is solely the responsibility of the submitter or user, who wishes to utilize the eMedNY SOAP submission architecture, to develop or create their own SOAP compliant application. eMedNY will in no way support the end user SOAP Application, therefore it is strongly recommended that the Trading partner take appropriate action to have available technical support.

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