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Note: All of the procedures outlined below can be found in the MEVS Manual.

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Q: What is a POS device?

POS is an acronym for Point of Service. A POS device is a compact electronic transaction terminal designed to gather and transfer (send and receive) information over a standard telephone line to a remote host at the point of service. The remote host is entirely responsible for processing the data that is sent by the POS device. The only processing that occurs at the device itself is simple field editing. After processing the data, the remote host immediately returns the results of the processing back to the POS device for display to the provider. Currently only the Vx570 terminal is approved for use in requesting information from the Medicaid System.

Q: How do I obtain a POS device?
A: **ATTENTION PROVIDERS** Effective December 1, 2013 eMedNY will no longer sell Point of Service (POS) terminals. If you would still like to purchase a VeriFone Vx570 from a different vendor you may do so. However, terminals ordered from other retailers does require terminal certification through eMedNY. Also terminal warrantees purchased from other retailers are not honored by eMedNY.
Q: Can I use my POS device for credit card inquiries?

No. The New York State Medicaid POS device is to be used solely for NYS Medicaid transactions. At no time is the New York State Medicaid POS device to be loaded with NYS Medicaid software and any credit card software simultaneously.

Q: How do I enter a transaction on the POS device?

Refer to the MEVS / DVS manual.

Q: My POS device is missing - lost or stolen. What should I do?

Contact the Call Center at (800) 343-9000, option 2 to open a trouble ticket. A POS Administrator will mark the device as lost or stolen in the system. The device warranty does not cover lost or stolen terminals so no refund will be given. However, if someone uses the device after reported missing, it will instruct them to contact the Call Center. The Call Center will notify the user that the device is lost or stolen and attempt to retrieve it.

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Refer to the eMedNY POS Start Guide