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Provider Enrollment & Maintenance

NDPP Medicaid

The Department of Health announces the launch of the New York State Medicaid program's coverage of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP) for Medicaid Fee-For-Service (FFS), and Medicaid Managed Care (MMC) members. The NDPP is an evidence-based, educational and support program designed to assist at-risk individuals from developing Type 2 diabetes.

CDC Resources:
  1. CDC Diabetes Prevention Recognition Program Standards and Operating Procedures Handbook
  2. CDC NDPP Recognition Application
  3. CDC NDPP Registry of All Recognized Organizations
NDPP Enrollment Training Presentation

Provider Training Videos

eMedNY provides an "Introduction to Provider Enrollment" that walks providers through the steps of how to enroll as a provider of services for the NYS Medicaid program at: https://www.emedny.org/info/ProviderEnrollment/enrollguide.aspx

IMPORTANT: The NDPP Recognition Attestation (Form #434901) found at the link below is a requirement for all of the NDPP service provider types referenced below. NDPP providers seeking enrollment in NYS Medicaid must review and attest to all of the rules, obligations, and responsibilities contained therein to be able to enroll, and participate in the NYS Medicaid Program as an NDPP billing provider.

Providers should be sure to submit the completed, signed, and dated NDPP Recognition Attestation (Form #434901) along with copies of the Organization's Pending recognition e-mail, or the Preliminary/Full recognition correspondence letter that was received from the CDC when NDPP recognition was achieved. Any Organizations which received Full recognition should also include a copy of the NDPP Certificate of Recognition.

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