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What's New

This page provides a list of recent additions and updates to the site, as well as links to the affected sections. For information regarding older changes, please refer to the archives section.

What's New & Current Changes

Status Date Page/Document Description
Changed Changed 2/2/16 Provider Manuals

The following manual has been updated for TRANSPORTATION providers:

Changed 1/25/16 Provider Manuals: Pharmacy

The following manual have been updated on the
ProDUR-ECCA D.0 Provider Manual page for PHARMACY providers:

Changed 1/25/16 MEVS and Supplemental Documentation

The following MEVS documents have been updated:

Changed Changed 1/19/16 Information For All Providers

The following informational guide has been updated for all providers:

new New 1/5/16 Provider Manuals

A new provider communication has been added for INPATIENT providers:

Changed Changed 12/31/15 Provider Manuals

The Fee Schedules have been updated for the following providers:

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